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Allow ROI to be your apparel partner for any occasion. Whether it be in the office with our extensive corporate line or a casual company outing, ROI has the latest styles in wearables and embellishment methods to make your team stand out.

Embellishment Methods 

HXD 2.jpg


HXD uses a patented manufacturing process to combine the best attributes of two methods: the surface interest and high perceived value of embroidery, and the unlimited color, incredible detail and location versatility of True Edge™ Transfer.

HXD is remarkably durable, allowing it to be used on everything from high-end automobiles to textiles. The adhesives have been tested for washing machines and HXD will be available for almost every garment we sell.

HXD adds both a reflective quality and a new dimension to subtle tone-on-tone decoration.



A topical application that can be placed over seams and zippers

Smooth finish with a glossy look

Best for mid-range colors

Unlimited washability

Mixed Media* is available on select garments using a laser as the base decoration beneath either embroidery or transfer for a unique look

Embroidery 03.jpg

True Edge Transfer



Classic look

Precision-engineered production capability for exceptional detail

A popular choice for left/right chest, left/right bicep decoration

Mixed Media* is available on select garments using embroidery over laser

Can reproduce the freestanding text as small as 8 point

The precision alternative to “sticker” or “label” appearance

Access to locations that can’t be reached with an embroidery hoop

4-color process or spot color

A good alternative to embroidery for thin garments

No contours required

Mixed Media* is available on select garments with a True Edge™

Transfer overlay on a laser.

Applicable at virtually any location

Subtle tone-on-tone look

Works equally well on all colors and black and white

Unlimited washability

A high degree of detail available

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